Top 3 Winning Blackjack Techniques

Blackjack or 21 has got to be the most studied casino game in the world. Professional gamblers have devoted much of their time and talent looking for ways to beat this game. In this page, we will describe three winning blackjack techniques: basic strategy, card counting and shuffle tracking.

These blackjack techniques - basic strategy, card counting and shuffle tracking - progress from basic to intermediate to advanced. Used together, they can give you a solid edge over the casinos.

Blackjack Technique 1 - Basic Strategy

You have no doubt seen blackjack strategy sheets. In blackjack, a player must decide whether to draw new cards, stand with their hand, split the cards and so on. The dealer has no such options since their moves are fixed by the rules. Therein lies the player's advantage. Blackjack basic strategy tells a player what move to make based on their two starting cards and the dealer's one up card. You will not win every hand using basic strategy, but in the long run if you stick to it, the house advantage will be reduced from 8% to about 0.5%.

To learn to use basic blackjack strategy, take the strategy sheets and print them out. Refer to them as you play using blackjack computer programs. In time, you will be able to memorize the moves until they become second nature to you. When you can practice basic strategy without looking at the sheets, you can use it in a real casino.

Blackjack Technique 2 - Card Counting

Card counting is a mathematically proven technique that can give you a positive expectation in blackjack. With card counting, you gain a small edge over the house - about 1%. A player keeps a mental record of the high valued and low valued cards as they are dealt. When more high valued cards have appeared, it is bad for the player. When more low valued cards have appeared, it is good for the player and they can wager more money.

Blackjack Technique 3 - Shuffle Tracking

Out of card counting has emerged a more advanced technique known as shuffle tracking. It is a little known technique for advanced blackjack players only. While it is harder to master than the other techniques, it can be very effective. Shuffle tracking keeps track of the position of important cards in a deck. Obviously it is to your advantage in blackjack to know when the good cards are going to appear. In shuffle tracking, the simple shuffles are the most useful. The more the cards are shuffled, the more mixed up they get making tracking very difficult.

Using Blackjack Techniques

Used together, these blackjack techniques can give you consistent winnings - and thus, profits - in the game. They are valuable weapons for the professional gambler waging a secret war against the casinos.

And contrary to what the casinos want you to believe, they are perfectly legal. However casinos do have the right to reject players suspected of practicing special techniques that cost the house its advantage. Keep in mind it is their business at stake. They will naturally want to protect it. When you want to practice blackjack techniques in casinos - especially card counting an shuffle tracking - you must be able to do it discreetly.