• Basic Blackjack Plays That are Absolutely Helpful
    Learning the basic blackjack plays for specific situations in the blackjack game is very helpful. These basic blackjack plays can guide you in deciding what is the right blackjack move to do.

  • Blackjack Basic Strategy for Playing Pairs
    When you receive a pair in blackjack, you have the option to play them separately. Blackjack basic strategy for playing pairs shows splitting is only best for specific situations otherwise one should hit or draw. See what pairs you should split right away, not split at all, and what pairs are best to split given the dealer's up-card for that added player advantage.

  • Blackjack Card Counting and Deck Penetration
    Blackjack card counting goes beyond basic strategy charts. With a deep deck penetration and the hi/lo system, anyone can start counting cards.

  • Blackjack's Rules and Strategies
    Blackjack is quite a tricky game sometimes. A blackjack player will need to memorize all the strategies of the game first to ensure winning at the end of the game.

  • Practical Reasons to Play Blackjack
    Nowadays, more and more people begin to appreciate playing blackjack. People do so not because of technical reasons but mostly because of the practical benefits it brings.

  • Sam Vaughn: From Playing Craps to Playing Blackjack
    The key element that has been making Sam Vaughn consistently successful in playing blackjack is determination. His determination to become a millionaire through gambling has been his inspiration to continuously improve on his craft.

  • The Fascinating Origin and History of Blackjack
    Blackjack is an exciting and fascinating game to play in casinos. Its history is important to predict and assert the trends and changes that may happen in the game in the future. Above all, its history is essential to enhance the fascination and attraction of players to blackjack.

  • The Important Skills in Blackjack
    A lot of people are having difficulty playing blackjack because they lack on the proper skills and techniques about this game. This article is all about the proper skills in blackjack.

  • The Passion of Ken Eineger for Playing Blackjack
    Ken Eineger was already working when he became passionate about the game of blackjack. His interest in the game allowed him to learn it easily. And his talent in playing blackjack has earned him several achievements, even making him recognized as the best blackjack player in the world.

  • The Possibilities in Blackjack
    There are different situations in the game of blackjack that you can take advantage in order to win a substantial amount of money. You can take advantage of these different situations by the carefully choosing the wagers that you will make in the game.

  • Top 3 Winning Blackjack Techniques
    Win more money in blackjack with three playing tactics: basic strategy sheets for hard and soft hands, card counting and shuffle tracking.

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