Sam Vaughn: From Playing Craps to Playing Blackjack

Blackjack may not be as popular a casino game as poker. Nevertheless, blackjack is well-known all over the world. And if there are numerous professional poker players out there, there are also numerous professional blackjack players in different parts of the world. One of the most famous blackjack players is Sam Vaughn, and his life in and out of the blackjack world will be our main focus.

It was during his employment at the United States Postal Service that Sam Vaughn became passionate about gambling. Despite his place's far proximity to Las Vegas, Nevada, he would still drive all the way from Phoenix, Arizona just to visit Las Vegas casinos and other gambling facilities located in such city.

The mere fact that Sam Vaughn did not have a house or any place to stay in Nevada was never a hindrance to his decision to frequently go to such state. He was satisfied of sleeping inside his van, which he usually parked in Laughlin, Nevada. He eventually became well-known in the city and the locals started to let him take a bath in their bathrooms. Living this kind of life for a long time did not bother him at all. All that he cared about was to enhance his skills in gambling in order to become a millionaire.

When Sam Vaughn started his gambling career in the 1980s, his forte was craps. He was participating in various craps events successfully until casinos decided to stop conducting craps events. His colleagues persuaded him to participate in blackjack events instead. His colleagues' encouragement helped him decide to shift from craps to blackjack. It was in 1989 when he participated in a blackjack tournament for the first time. It was conducted at the Four Queens casino, and it was the start of his career as a professional blackjack player. He took home US$50,000 from the said game, grateful that his friends encouraged him to shift to blackjack.

This blackjack player continued to play blackjack successfully until he left his work at the United States Postal Service in 1992. Eventually, this blackjack player decided to relocate to Las Vegas in 1995 for good in order to focus more seriously in enhancing his blackjack skills.

Ever since the victory of Sam Vaughn in 1989, he has been consistent in actively participating in various blackjack tournaments and event. As a matter of fact, this blackjack player has experienced playing in more than one hundred blackjack tournaments. And as of 2000, his reported winnings totaled to more than US$1,250,000.

Among the blackjack tournaments that this blackjack player has experienced participating in were the Reno-Atlantis Winner-Take-All tournament and the Las Vegas Hilton Million Dollar III Blackjack Tournament.