The Passion of Ken Eineger for Playing Blackjack

Most professional blackjack players started to learn how to play blackjack at an early age. It is, however, different in the case of Ken Eineger who started playing blackjack when he was already working. Nevertheless, being somewhat a "late bloomer" in the field of blackjack did not become a hindrance to his being one of the world's best professional blackjack player.

From Brooklyn, New York, where Ken Eineger was born in 1960, he and his family relocated to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It was in Florida where he was raised and educated. It was also in Florida where he established and managed a number of corporations. It was in Florida where he met his wife. And it was also in Florida where he learned how to play blackjack. As soon as he learned how to play such casino game well, Ken Eineger began to join blackjack tournaments as he eventually became a professional blackjack player.

The first notable victory of Ken Eineger in blackjack was in December 1991 when he placed fifth in the blackjack tournament conducted at the Riviera Casino. In 2001, he participated in a blackjack tournament conducted at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada and victoriously emerged as the first placer. These victories were only the start of the career of this professional blackjack player.

As he continued to experience successes in the world of blackjack, Ken Eineger also continued in improving his skills. And to make it even more convenient for him to participate in blackjack events, this professional blackjack player decided to move to Las Vegas with his wife and their two Golden Retrievers in 2003.

It was in 2004 when Ken Eineger achieved more victories as a professional blackjack player. He participated in seven blackjack tournaments and reached the final table five times. This allowed him to earn approximately US$500,000.

The most remarkable victory of all was when Ken Eineger was recognized as the Blackjack World Champion in 2005. This professional blackjack player participated in the World Series of Blackjack that was conducted at the Golden Nugget casino in November 2004 in Las Vegas. He emerged victorious in the said event, defeating other professional blackjack players such as Kami Lis, Stanford Wong, and Rick Jensen.

Ken Eineger has also written a blackjack book titled "Play to Win." Such book encourages readers to learn blackjack and participate in blackjack tournaments. This professional blackjack player also encourages the public to start playing blackjack by conducting seminars and holding private lessons about such casino game. His passion for teaching other people about blackjack has allowed him to travel to different parts of the United States.