Basic Blackjack Plays That are Absolutely Helpful

Consider the following basic blackjack plays to help you in making the right decision while playing.

- Player's Eight's against Dealer's Ten

The correct basic blackjack play for this blackjack situation is to split the Eight's. Having two hands with Eight as the first card is much better than a hand of 16. You may sometimes lost using this basic blackjack play but the losses are much lesser compared to when you don't split the pair.

- Player's 12 against Dealer's Two

This is a classic blackjack situation that is damned if you do and damned if you don't as well. If ever you hit and get a Ten then you'll get bust, but if you stand you will also lost. Your basic blackjack play will depend greatly on this fact that hitting will give you approximately 70% chance of not getting bust. This basic blackjack play also applies against the dealer's Three but against the dealer's Four or higher.

- Player's 16 against Dealer's Seven

There are players that have the basic blackjack play of hitting on 16 against the dealer's Ten because they think the hole card is a Seven or better, but won't hit against the dealer's Seven because they think that the hole card will not be a Ten.

The correct basic blackjack play is to hit against the dealer's Seven. Your losing possibility in this basic blackjack play is reduced from 48% to approximately 40%.

- Player's 11 against Dealer's Ten

The basic blackjack play will depend on this situation: Do you want to win $5 for about 56% chance or $10 for about 54% chance? Analyzing the situation can lead you to risk for the $10-win rather than the $5. The basic blackjack play is to double down against the dealer's Ten. You may have a less chance of winning in this basic blackjack play, so also is the dealer in this specific blackjack situation. In doubling down, you can enjoy the extra money when you win.

- Player's Ace and Seven against Dealer's Nine

The basic blackjack play for this situation if to stand at soft hand 18 against the dealer's Nine. The logic on this basic blackjack play is that if you stand on a soft hand 18 whatever may be the dealer's up card, you will have about eight chances of winning from every 20 blackjack hands.

- Availing of the Even Money

You may think that taking the even money payout is not a wrong basic blackjack play. But in reality, availing of the even money payout will reduce your winnings to about 4% in the long run of playing blackjack.

With these basic blackjack plays you can have a better blackjack game ahead of you.